A Prayer for 9/11/22

Kyle F Hence
3 min readDec 10, 2020

Rising Towers and a Wake-up Story for the 21th ‘Anniversary’ of the 9/11 Attacks in 2022.

Original DRAFT — December 9, 2020

On 9/11 2001 forces of evil conspired to bring down three towers in lower Manhattan. Nearly 3000 were killed on that day and millions more in covert and overt wars in 20 years since.

On Saturday, September 11, 2022, on the 21th ‘anniversary’ of 9/11 let a billion ‘towers’ of goodness rise up at dawn to remember and honor those who have fallen. Let those billion towers stand up for freedom and a new narrative for life on Planet Earth. Let them ring in a revolution for real liberty and healing trauma as a basis for peaceful change.

Imagine Nine-eleven Future Bright


nine-eleven, twenty two

here comes the sun

twenty one years on

the ringing of bells

and sounding of gongs,

at dawn’s light, a rolling sound

a billion or more strong,

with freedom found

singing our wake-up song

towers of imagination and might

rising from the hard day’s night

for the long fallen and future bright.

— Kyle Hence, Winter Solstice, 2020

As another wave of evil descends upon the earth in the form of a mysterious virus, let us, the people, gather in mass, to set in motion a wave of bell-ringing to break the spell of 20 years of terror and an inept and banal technocracy to focus finally and resolutely on solutions — solutions to the crises of corporate media, human and sex trafficking, hunger, malnutrition, toxic medicine, industrial agriculture, centralized banking and finance, and political corruption.

Let us imagine the twin pillars of goodness and righteousness rising up in and amongst us in the golden hue of new dawn, a new day, claiming a rich, verdant future. Let bells & gongs, horns & whistles, and triumphant, prophetic songs and the good word ring out across land and seascape ringing in a new day, a new narrative.

For the bold and the brave, Let courage and imagination flourish in every way.

Let us honor the dead, stand up for our children and for future generations by rising in unity in the face of AI algorithm-driven…

Kyle F Hence

Founder/Catalyst of REOS (Regenerative Earth Operating System), a Blockchain for the Biosphere Initiative — Progenitor of next-gen decentralized eco-economy