Imagine TGR Unleashed

Kyle F Hence
4 min readMay 11

The Great Regeneration — a regenerative revolution — is setting the stage for nature-backed, regenerative reserve currencies and stablecoins supported by the growing ReFi/Green Pill/Public Good movements.

The Covid crisis and war have set the stage for the emergence of a new economic order and financial apparatus that as it rises is eclipsing the failing globalist, central banking system. The Great Reset so brazenly advanced by the technocratic elite who have so grossly enriched themselves during the pandemic is crashing right out the gates. The horse they all bet upon has been rendered gimp and going down.

The transhumanists in their ‘I will play God’ delusion believe they can engineer their own immortality through AI and cryogenics. And many in the same crowd also bizarrely presume that one day we’ll “own nothing and love it” in the soulless world they are now building. In this twisted vision of our future, surveillance capitalism and vaccine passports merge into a monolithic digital control grid under their authority, a system that would make today’s censorship and ‘deplatforming’ look like child’s play. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are integral to this ultimate and megalomaniacal power grab.

So what exactly is the spanner in the works of Mr. Global’s machine and what is the ghost in the machine that meant to deliver him his great AI induced ‘Singularity’?

Last year’s sanctions against Russia, including shutting down their access to SWIFT, the global banking system has prompted Putin and his cadre to inadvertently give shape to what commentator Pepe Escobar is calling a new resource-based global reserve currency — a Ruble backed by gas, oil, minerals, and other resources. Further he predicts this will set the stage for a patchwork of similar regional currencies. []

Shutting Russia out of the central banking system has literally forced the nation to demand payment in Rubles (and apparently Bitcoin as well) for the natural gas required by many countries throughout Europe. It appears that will be expanded to oil, minerals and other resources, perhaps even grain. This, it seems to this observer, is a large step in the direction of a new class of nature-based, or nature-backed regionally based currencies, including perhaps sooner rather than later, regenerative crypto-currencies that will offer more life-support system security than Ruble…

Kyle F Hence

Founder/Catalyst of REOS (Regenerative Earth Operating System), a Blockchain for the Biosphere Initiative — Progenitor of next-gen decentralized eco-economy