Our Prime Directive — Protocols for a Regenerative AI — (version 1.0)

Kyle F Hence
18 min readAug 7, 2020

I recognize I’m riding on the shoulders of giants who have come before me. What I’ve envisioned here is only a dim reflection of all that’s inspired this initiative. As a first draft it will fall short of what’s ultimately required to guide the creation of a highly functional Regenerative AI. Therefore it comes with an open invitation to you to help refine a guiding regeneratively-intelligent protocol.

Please contact me directly at khence@icloud.com. Thank you.



The Case for a Biosphere Prime Directive

In the face of the unprecedented crises across the globe the case for a life-affirming, biodiversity-protecting, and biosphere-restoring prime directive for AI is clear and compelling.

The need for a Prime Directive for AI that’s linked to humanity’s life-support systems is so clear it’s shocking it’s not a core element of the scores of official declarations and guidelines issued by governments, agencies, and NGOs over the past few years. None of them place the necessary emphasis on the care and restoration of the biosphere and earth’s life-support systems.


Underachieving AI within a Dinosaur Paradigm

That there is now an AI to help enforce a World Health Organization protocol for hand-washing but not one to reverse the collapse of Earth’s fundamental life-support systems is sadly telling of an underachieving AI and misplaced priorities of leading technocrats and AI pioneers.

Despite billions being invested from Shanghai to Silicon Valley deep systemic biases and faults are being coded into AI that threatens to widen a degenerative path of destructive development.

How can we limit the damage of these very big dinosaurs as they crash around the landscape — the large corporations and their supply chains and so on — and how at the same time can we feed this secondary and tertiary growth that is now starting to come through of people with much more innovative

Kyle F Hence

Founder/Catalyst of REOS (Regenerative Earth Operating System), a Blockchain for the Biosphere Initiative — Progenitor of next-gen decentralized eco-economy