Kyle F Hence
8 min readMay 11, 2020


Regenerative AI

ART (Advanced Regenerative Technology) for EARTH

Our Regenerative AI project will be an open and transparent collaboration between industry, local and regional governments, universities, institutes and NGOs to produce a new genre of secure decentralized AI-augmented Advanced Regenerative Technology (ART) that will serve two principle functions:

1) Broadly apply nature’s co-operating principles, natural intelligence and indigenous wisdom to protect and enhance Earth’s life-support systems and regenerative capacity; and

2) Grow regenerative cultural capital within a new economic model and guiding narrative in which all life thrives.

The Threat

The most dire threat to life on Earth is business as usual in the form of continued dominance of a dangerously narrow cast of intelligence: rational, linear, competitive and hierarchical. Enshrining a broad swath of grossly biased and centralized AI tools built on a degenerative extractive model, and bareft of critical biospheric life-support data, is a grave risk of to our human future and to the Earth itself. In other words, AI without an algorithmic prime directive to support, enhance or regenerate organic life is ultimately putting that life at risk of further degeneration.

“This danger can be stated in the form of a simple equation, which I think might be the defining equation of life in the twenty-first century: B x C x D = AHH.”

Biological knowledge (B) x Computing power (C) x Data (D) = Ability to Hack Humans (AHH)

“Which means? Biological knowledge multiplied by computing power multiplied by data equals the ability to hack humans, ahh”

— Yuval Harari at the 2020 Davos conference.

If this and related centralized AI threats are not addressed head-on with the utmost urgency we’ll see the continued rise of surveillance capitalism, data colonialism and digital dictatorships.

Fortunately this clever equation begs the questions: what ‘biological knowledge’? And what data? Alter those two elements of the equation and the results point in an entirely new and promising direction. Add a regenerative algorithm and things could change radically.



Kyle F Hence

Founder/Catalyst of REOS (Regenerative Earth Operating System), a Blockchain for the Biosphere Initiative — Progenitor of next-gen decentralized eco-economy